Tussor, The largest European manufacturer of conventional and CNC flat bed lathes, with more than 55 years of experience in the design, develop and manufacturing of machine-tools, has its manufacturing arm in India at Coimbatore viz.

Our function is to produce superior quality products for our users in terms of capacity of turning (chip pull off) in great size pieces and high accuracy and quality in finishing operations. In our conventional lathes this can be reached thanks to the design of our machines which best features are sturdiness, steadiness and accuracy.

Our CNC series, apart from previous features of their conventional brothers, has been designed without gear box speed range controller, so the servo motor drive directly the main spindle which is very robust and is assembled in high precision angular contact bearings. That provides the lathe the best capacity of turning and quality finishing from low to high speed ranges

TUSSOR machines are designed in accordance with International Standards, employing proven technology, best quality materials available and with the minimum maintenance operations required. Feasibility and productivity are the words which better define our product

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