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DESCRIPTION The SE Series combines the working capacity of a conventional lathe with the advantages of a CNC one. The SE are easy to use lathes that make possible the production of short series of pieces, prototyping or training centers, thanks to the Siemens or Fagor controls that allow the programming in both conversational and ISO languages.
  • The CNC lathes of the SE Series are accurate and robust machines, satisfying the most demanding working conditions, beside the SE is characterized by its chip removal capacity as consequence of the electronic variable speed drive and the high torque provided by the three-speed gear box
    The CNC lathes of the SE Series are accurate and robust machines, satisfying the most demanding work conditions. Easy to Use flat bed lathes with excellent performance for a great turning output and chip removal capacity thanks to the high torque provided by the three-speed gear box.

Specifications table

Model SE-250
Bed model 1000 1500
Control Siemens 808D Advanced / Fagor 8037 TC / Fagor 8055i / FL – TC
Center distance mm / in 1000 / 40 1500 / 60
Center Height mm / in 250 / 10
Swing over bed mm / in 502 / 20
Swing over carriage mm / in 475 / 18¾
Swing over cross slide mm / in 310 / 12¼
Cross slide travel mm / in 235 / 9¼
Bed width mm / in 300 / 11
Headstock main spindle bore mm / in 58 / 2¼ 105 / 4
Main spindle nose ASA / CAM-LOCK A2-6 / D1-6 A2-8 / D1-8
Main spindle nose taper MT 4
Speed ranges Range I r.p.m. 40-310 85-200
Range II r.p.m. 310-840 200-465
Range III r.p.m. 840-2300 465-1250
Working feeds Z, X mm/min 0-5000
Z-axis ball screw, Ø & pitch mm 40/10
X-axis ball screw, Ø & pitch mm 20/5
Tail stock barrel Ø mm / in 68 / 2½
Tail stock barrel travel mm / in 200 / 7¾
Tail stock Morse taper MT 4
Tool shank mm / in 25×25 / 1×1
Repeatability mm 0.01
Position accuracy mm 0.01
Fixed steady capacity mm / in 10-140 / ½-5½ 140-300 / 5½-11
Follow rest capacity mm / in 10-100 / ½-4
Main motor power kW 5.5
Coolant pump power kW 0.37
Coolant tank capacity L 67 92
Total length mm 2800 3300
Total width mm 1215
Total height mm 1790
Total weight kg 1620 1780
Verification standard DIN 8605


The sturdiness, easiness to use and precision, besides the high toque available in the CNC lathes of the SE Series, make them suitable for:

Educational and training centers


Machining industry

Metalworking industry

Manufacturing industry

Maintenance works

Other kind of industry


Trajectory graphics.

Profile editor.

Electronic hand wheel for the X axis and Z axis.

Electronic variable speed drive with 3 ranges.

Manual quick change tool post with tool holders.

Manual tailstock.

Coolant equipment.

Automatic lubrication of the slide ways.

Main spindle reducing bush and dead centres.

Chip collecting tray.

Work light.

Tower lamp.

Enclosure as per EC standards.

Leveling plates.

Instruction manual


Controls Fagor 8037 TC y 8055i/FL-TC.

Larger spindle bore options up to 155 mm.

4, 8 or 12 positions automatic turret.

Self-centering and independent 3 or 4 jaws chuck.

Hydraulic chuck and tailstock.

Rear chuck.

Steady rest and follow rest.

Hydraulic steady.

Automatic or semi-automatic bar feeder.

6 Bar coolant pump.

Portable hand wheel.

Casting pedestals.

Chip conveyor.

Part catcher.

Renishaw tool setter.

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